It all began with a meeting of the minds

Developed in 2009, The UP Companies was formed in response to the “imperfect storm” of a downsizing and extraordinarily competitive marketplace that was paired against a strong construction consumer demand for quality, competitive pricing, and diversity.

During this time, both small and medium size contractors lost their leverage—found it increasingly difficult to keep good people, invest in the needed technology and equipment, maintain their credit, meet cash flow needs, and ultimately stay in business. As it turns out, many chose to or were forced to close their doors.

Finding A Solution

The solution to these issues would come from three accomplished business executives, each representing a different segment of the same industry—Architecture & Engineering, General Contracting, and Subcontracting. They found that by combining their skills, talents and resources, they could design a new company with a corporate infrastructure that could thrive in the current extraordinarily competitive marketplace.

The UP Companies are Born

In order to gain leverage in the new marketplace, Power UP Electrical Contractors, Square UP Builders, Keep UP Services and Hustle UP Laborers were established under the UP Companies banner by purchasing and rebranding existing companies that could thrive collectively.

The UP-SIDE Advantage

The result of our family of companies is a powerhouse of talent that provides each of our clients the opportunity for one-stop solutions benefiting from our sophisticated corporate support infrastructure and technical resources that leverages each individual UP Company beyond itself.

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