How You Benefit

As a customer, partner or associate of The UP Companies family, you benefit from an extensive array of design and contracting services backed by our sophisticated corporate support infrastructure that leverages each UP Company beyond itself.

Common ownership paired with shared corporate support allows us to combine the resources of Power UP Electrical Contractors, Square UP Builders, Keep UP Services and Hustle UP Laborers to meet all of your project needs, all under one roof! This is The UP-SIDE Advantage™.

The UP-SIDE Advantage™ allows us to work with you to design & build your vision, better, faster and more affordably! Founded on the ideals of technical excellence, personal responsibility, collaboration and diversity, The Up Companies pride themselves in their ability to provide integrated solutions to all clients.

The UP-SIDE Advantage™ ensures that our clients remain at the center of every project and every decision along the way. Our experience allows us to know what questions to ask. More importantly, we know how to listen when those questions are being answered.

We take everything we learn about your unique situation, apply our knowledge and collective experiences and come up with a tailored solution that doesn’t just look good on paper—it works.

We follow through on every step of the project’s lifecycle, taking responsibility for every project we do.